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The main trader of the group of companies is LLC "ERIDAN-KOMERTS"

logo-o-eridanLLC “Eridan- Komerts” is a company which is a part of Group of companies “Viterra” as a specialized structure for the purchasing and export of agricultural products. Trading operations are held by the enterprise throughout the territory of Ukraine with the subsequent delivery of exported goods to the port area and the sea terminals. Over the years, the Company has formed a professional team, consisting of experts in the field of wholesale trade, logistics, accounting and economic analysis.

Trade and procurement activities of LLC “Eridan- Komerts” is based on the purchase of grain and industrial crops directly from agricultural producers, accompanied by its logistics to export sites, followed by the formation of the contractual parties.

Delivery of products is carried out by own and involved road and rail transport. Storage and accumulation of grain lots is going on the numerous agreements signed with specialized elevators.

Another important element of LLC “Eridan- Komerts” is a foreign work that is implemented under contracts with foreign partners. Over the years of co-working, our contractors were able to be ensured by high standards of business and impeccable contract discipline of LLC “Eridan- Comerts”. Such evaluation allows us to maintain a high level of business activity and to compete effectively in the Ukrainian market.

The undeniable advantage of LLC “Eridan- Komerts” is to control the liquidity of assets and, as a consequence, high solvency. The company carries out the purchase of products by offering its partners an advance payment, which removes the unnecessary tension in the relationship and allows content providers to finance their production projects. There is a suppliers production costs funding program for the term up to 12 months.

We invite partners with pleasure to cooperate, perceiving relationships with them as the foundation for our business development and active participation in the Ukrainian and world grain markets.

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