All-Ukrainian charity project

The group of companies’ charity program is the result of social responsibility of our business.

The group of companies’ charity program is the result of social responsibility of our business.

In our opinion social responsibility of business is not only the timeliness and completeness of tax payment, but also the attention to those whose position in society is impossible without external support. First of all these are people, who, because of circumstances, are not able to ensure their existence, medical treatment and sociable formation.

Of course to take care about such people is the function of the state, but business cannot and must not stay aloof from these processes.
Throughout the modern history of mankind people, who have financial means (the result of social labour and natural resources usage) and possess high level of civil liability, have actively supported those who faced the poverty and privations.

This kind of attitude toward the neighbor became a defining feature of the modern view on the social responsibility of business.

The staff of enterprises of the group of companies “Viterra”, has been supporting a variety of charity projects for many years. Among them:

– Ukrainian military aid providing its subdivisions with the necessary material and technical basis, military equipment repair, ammunition and drugs purchase;
– Assistance to displaced people who find themselves in Nikolayev region as a result of anti-terrorist operations, going on in the east of Ukraine;
– Help for orphans and children who undergo treatment and rehabilitation in specialized agencies and orphanages;
– Help for disabled people who are united in public organizations;
– Environmental programs in Nikolayev and Nikolayev region.

This activity became the basis for the creation of the Group’s management of All-Ukrainian charity project “Wave of Mercy”. The implementation of the scaled project programs is carried out by Charity foundation of the same name, the founders of which are the Group management.

We invite our partners and people of good will to take part in charity and patronage.

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Together we can make the world better!

Generosity gives us hope and makes realize that the success in business world is guided not only by selfish motives.

William Henry Gates III – philanthropist, founder of Microsoft