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LLC “ERIDAN-KOMERTS”, the member of the group of companies “VITERRA”, carries out the purchase of the agricultural products for the benefit of the group.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are always ready to discuss these prices depending on timing and volume of deliveries.

At the same time, remember that the basis of the purchasing activity of our company is to buy grain directly from the places of production (from the field, barn-floor, and warehouse). Purchasing prices are calculated individually in this case.

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Purchasing Prices Development at the Agricultural Market of Ukraine.

Having a significant experience of agricultural products procurement Group of companies “VITERRA” is interested in the development of the agricultural market of Ukraine as a national grain trader and offers its partners high purchasing prices and mutually beneficial terms of cooperation. We regard such activities as our mission in the market.

Ukrainian agricultural market is the fastest growing commodity market in Europe. Our country, while being a part of the Soviet Union, performed as the donor of agricultural complex product for all republics of the community. Almost all lands of agricultural use were cultivated by collective agricultural enterprises, which were provided with appropriate material and technical base. It is here were the collective-millionaires who, under the rules established by the economic and legal system of the time were not only able to carry out the plans established for them, but also earn substantial funds. These funds were used to develop industrial infrastructure and welfare programs focused on the village workers. So it was for many years. And at the time when Ukrainian people stood in front of the question of independence in 1991, the factors of the agricultural potential of the former republic created a strong base for the formation of economic indicators in the newly created state.

During the years of independence, Ukraine was experiencing periods of growth and decline of economic indicators, multiple political crises and difficult process of integrating its economics into the world trade and economic institution. Over the years, in our country there was created the market of agricultural products, corresponding to the most general international standards. These standards have made significant changes in the production processes of grains and oilseeds, storage and transportation of farmed products. The need to comply with the worldwide quality standards has created the preconditions for the dynamic development of seed markets, crop protection products, has formed an objective demand for advanced technical solutions in the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

Of course, such a dynamic development of the market created all the prerequisites for the appearance of it domestic and foreign investment as a demonstration of confidence in the business world to the agricultural sector of the country. Over the years, strong grain traders appeared in the market and have become major investors and the “locomotives” of the system. It is gratifying to note that the major “players” of the market are not only representatives of major multinational companies, but also Ukrainian trading companies which managed to develop and get stronger. For every market a significant number of players determines the high level of competition (higher purchasing prices for traders), the expansion of a favorable investment climate. Ukrainian market of grains and oilseeds was no exception. Grain traders, in an uncompromising struggle, offer agricultural producers high purchasing prices and favorable conditions of grown products supply.

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