Barley Price

CPT Nikolayev


закупка ячменяAccording to DSTU 3769-98

— moisture: basis 14,0 %, max 25%,
— waste impurities: basis 2%, max 8%,
— grain impurities: max 10,0%,
— another cultivation impurities: no more than 5,0%,
— test weight: basis 580 g/l, min 550 g/l.

LLC “ERIDAN-KOMERTS”, the member of the group of companies “VITERRA”, carries out the purchase of the agricultural products for the benefit of the group.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are always ready to discuss these prices depending on timing and volume of deliveries.

At the same time, remember that the basis of the purchasing activity of our company is to buy grain directly from the places of production (from the field, barn-floor, and warehouse). Purchasing prices are calculated individually in this case.

The Value of Barley In the Ukrainian Foreign Market

Ukraine is one of the largest producers of barley in the world. Depending on weather conditions, we get the third place in the rate, being second only to Russia and France. On average, the production volume ranges 7-8 mln. tons per year. This is one of the most mass-produced crops.

The traditions of agricultural production, the rules of crop rotation and constantly sustained level of demand, which forms the high price of barley, have generated considerable interest in its cultivation. In addition, in recent years mass-market of livestock products in Ukraine began to develop. Its development largely determined the trend of the cereals market, primarily barley. Barley, as an essential element of fodder livestock basis, has been very needed in the domestic market, which changed the balance proportion of the total production of the crop. At the same time, Ukrainian barley production became interesting for buyers from the Middle Eastern markets where we conduct uncompromising struggle with major manufacturers. These buyers are of interest to us, because they form the price in the Asian and African markets. Ukraine managed to stand stable trading positions due to the agricultural technologies optimization, quality management system, grown products and the development of logistics.

The crop acres, which are taken for barley, are about 3 million hectare in Ukraine and the estimated productivity accounts for 23 quintals per hectare. Due to the intensive growth of domestic crop production and livestock products, about 70% of Ukraine’s barley is purchased for internal needs. Along with the other mass grown crops, barley production forms the basis of Ukrainian agro-industrial complex development organizing agricultural products processing and storage facilities. At the same time, the production of barley gives a considerable incentive for the development of large livestock sector. In other words, developing the production segment, Ukrainian agrarians influence the development of the overall production and logistics infrastructure related to the agricultural sector.

The price of barley is formed in the market due to the competition of traders and processors. An important element of pricing is Ukraine’s position in the world grain and by-products markets. Purchasing price is the main incentive for producers to sell barley and the decisive argument in the competition.

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