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CPT Nikolayev


закупка кукурузыAccording to DSTU 4525: 2006
— moisture: basis 14,0%;
— waste impurities: basis 2,0 %,
— grain impurities: max 15 %;
— damaged grain: basis 5,0%;
— cracked grain: basis 5,0%.

LLC “ERIDAN-KOMERTS”, the member of the group of companies “VITERRA”, carries out the purchase of the agricultural products for the benefit of the group.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are always ready to discuss these prices depending on timing and volume of deliveries.

At the same time, remember that the basis of the purchasing activity of our company is to buy grain directly from the places of production (from the field, barn-floor, and warehouse). Purchasing prices are calculated individually in this case.

Corn: Price and Prospects of the Ukrainian Market Development

Corn is the planting, the production of which in Ukraine is developing very fast. Quite recently, the production of this crop was not of high priority, and the price of corn scarcely justify the cost of its production. The situation changed dramatically after Ukraine entered the World Trade Organization. The reason for this was the high demand for this crop in the world because of its high nutritional value. Mainly corn is used in fodder production (about 75%). In addition, ethanol, gas, starch, oil, cereals, sugar, etc. are obtained from corn.

In recent years in Ukraine own production develops most intensively, and corn and products of its cultivation are the raw materials for this. It is the tendency that creates positive preconditions in matters of pricing. The high level of competition for the purchase of corn between the export-oriented companies and domestic processing is the basis for maintaining the high purchase price and, as a consequence, the level of profitability of its production.

The price of corn is a determining factor in the way of competition in the Ukrainian market for agriculture products. Given the global market trends of hydrocarbon energy sources, the prospects for Ukrainian corn market seems bright to us. Most likely in the coming years the price of corn in the world, and as a consequence, will grow in the internal Ukrainian market.

Global production of corn is about 1 billion tons. The most major corn producers in the world (about 50%) are the United States, North and South America, 30% – In Asia, the European Union and Eastern Europe – 11%, African countries – 7%, Australia – 2%. Our country produces about 30 mln. tons of corn a year, occupying 3% of the world market and 27% of the European market, being the fifth corn producer in the world.
The largest foreign consumer of corn grown in Ukraine is China and the African continent. Significant competitors in the Black Sea region for us are Russia, Romania, Bulgaria.

In our point of view corn market prospects in Ukraine in coming years are increasing the quality characteristics, simplification of export procedures and optimization of logistics processes. This approach to production and subsequent movement of agricultural products in Ukraine and abroad will lead to the formation of the highest corn prices.

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