Sunflower Price

CPT Nikolayev


закупка подсолнечникаAccording to DSTU 7011
— moisture: basis 8%, max 10%;
— waste impurities: basis 3%, max 10%;
— oil content: min 38%;
— oil impurities: max 7%;

Attention! Underworking service price won’t be charged. Product output is carried out in gross weight using the Duvall formula.

LLC “ERIDAN-KOMERTS”, the member of the group of companies “VITERRA”, carries out the purchase of the agricultural products for the benefit of the group.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that we are always ready to discuss these prices depending on timing and volume of deliveries.

At the same time, remember that the basis of the purchasing activity of our company is to buy grain directly from the places of production (from the field, barn-floor, and warehouse). Purchasing prices are calculated individually in this case.

The Value of Sunflower In the Ukrainian Agricultural Market.

For sure sunflower is the most significant planting for the Ukrainian agriculture. Sunflower oil made Ukraine one of the leaders of the world’s production. Our country ranks first producing about 55% of the total market. The annual production of sunflower and as a consequence, sunflower oil has been growing steadily. For ten years (2005 to 2015), the country increased its agricultural products export in 3.6 times. The total volume of foreign exchange earnings from export contracts in the agricultural sector is about 11 bln. dollars. A significant part of this indicator is the export of sunflower oil and sunflower due to the high prices of these products.

Of course, such a dynamic growth of production would not be possible without a significant intensification of production processes, logistics development, the appearance of the quality control and management systems of the grown sunflower. A very significant role in the development of the market of sunflower in Ukraine has had a recycling infrastructure. Certainly, the development of this industry would not be possible without legislative support, aimed at the economic constraints of direct exports of sunflower. It is a policy that is operating in Ukraine for more than ten years. This period gave the opportunity to develop the processing industry and make truly revolutionary breakthrough in technology and volume indices of industrial processes. Foreign investments coming to Ukraine for the construction and modernization of production capacities of processing enterprises, gave a powerful push to the production of raw materials. That push was certainly the high price of sunflower, formed as a result of significant competition among processors. For the first time manufacturers began to be seriously interested in oil content as the main argument for maximum prices for sunflower.

Today, sunflower seeds are grown at more than 5 million hectares of Ukrainian lands. On average, our farmers grow about 11 million tons of sunflower on these lands. This enables enterprises located on the territory of Ukraine to produce about 4.5 million tonnes of sunflower oil, holding a leading position in world production. It is worth noting the increase in actual production of sunflower in Ukraine. In 5 years it has increased by 30%. This was a consequence of the intensification of production processes, production volume increase, use of plant protection products and development of the logistics component of the market. The price of sunflower, as the basis for a high level of foreign exchange earnings from its products is the basis for the development of the whole industry in the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

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