Company employment

HR policy and company employment

“Viterra Group” has more than 10 years of experience in Ukrainian agricultural marketing. From the creation time till now we base on such principles as stability, reliability, honesty, proficiency and focusing on partnership. That’s why our Company evolves rapidly and effectively in the inconstant conditions of today’s economy.

Administration of “Viterra Group” quickly reacts to modern requirements and has flexible personnel policy. The potential of each employee is very important for us, which can be revealed to the fullest in favorable conditions and will be able to solve tasks easily, inventively and efficienly. We’re convinced that an individual approach in HR policy is the key to success for each employee and for the Company in general.

The following areas of personnel policy are central for us:

  • providing the Company with highly qualified staff members;
  • laying-out the program of development and advanced training of employees using different forms (seminars, conferences, etc.);
  • making a decent wage;
  • ensuring equal opportunities for all employees and adequate working conditions;
  • creating conductive microclimate in the team work etc.

Company employment

“Viretta Group” management is based on the principles of democracy, justice and equality. We value each employee. That’s why the co-workers of our Company make a well-coordinated team, bringing together experienced workers and young specialists.

Each employee supports the principles of our Company: tact, sincerity and reliability. This is the credo for every labourer and no doubt, it builds strong relationship with partners, creates conditions for productive and mutually beneficial cooperation. We have a professional approach to any business issue and a responsible attitude to all our duties. Our partners know and can confirm that fact. That is our pride and main achievement.

The applicant for the vacant position in our company mustn’t be an experienced specialist but the person has to be willing to work, learn and develop. Every day we exchange experience, knowledge, abilities and skills, and it promotes a professional growth. Daily work in the team of professionals is the best schooling for young specialists. A great attention has been paid to the study of specialized resourses in order to keep abreast of events and modern marketing. Various public projects, participation in the cultural life of a city and rooting for our own football team help on the formation of team spirit.

Employment in the Company means development and self-improvement, getting personal and collective triumphs. We’ll achieve a great success only being together, coordinating our efforts, aims and opinions. We’ll make our future and future of the Company only on the principles of equity, reliability and sincerity.

For the successful moving forward, sometimes you have to stop and take a rest. “Viterra Group” provides employees with diverse rest time. Everyone knows that a corporate event, going on a picnic or even more active types of recreation is not only a way to spend your free time well, but also a source of positive emotions, bright impressions and new findings. Joint leisure unites the team, allows you to understand each other better, look at people you see every day in a different way, it gives unforgettable sensations and strength for further achievements.

Our management, understanding all the benefits of corporate events, offers its employees both options for active recreation, going on the outskirts of the city, and merry holidays in a friendly atmosphere. It is important for us that every employee feels respect of his colleagues, trust and understanding, importance for the company. All this forms a corporate culture, contributes to the development of traditions, unites and helps to feel the very spirit of the company, which is the driving force of any of us and the entire team in general.

Working in a bright and cozy office in the center of the city, although it is an exciting business, but can not be compared with a flurry of emotions, which can be obtained from extreme rest. Our team willingly throws challenges to the elements and without fear rushes into dangerous adventures. One of these challenges was rafting. No doubt, everything changes on the water, you start to look at yourself, colleagues and life in general in a different way. It disciplines and teaches teamwork and the emotional surge will inspire still no less heroic deeds for a long time. Therefore, working in the company is an opportunity to learn how to navigate in a changing and unpredictable environment, both in the Ukrainian market and during rafting along the mountain river.

Traditions are very important for us, because it is the bridge that connects the past, the present and the future. Celebrating birthdays of employees in the company is one of such traditions. At such events, everyone can express sincere wishes and hear a lot of pleasant things about themselves. This gives such support and recognition necessary for every person. New Year’s corporate parties also add bright colors to the life of our team. Here, in an atmosphere of fun and anticipation of new pleasant surprises, we are charged with cheerfulness and optimism, these are bright memories that will warm us the whole next year.

Games of the football club “Viterra” are very important for us. All the staff members cheer for their team, which is pleased with the progress in the first and the transition to the big leagues. Any match is an event for our company. We strongly boost up and encourage our players.

Intellectual activities diversify life of our team. Representatives of the company participate in Mykolaiv business league “What? Where? When?” and they take high places in the overall rating.

We do not bypass social events. Within the gardening of our city, employees of “Viterra Group” planted young trees along the roadway of city streets. These and other projects are actively supported by both management and all employees. We are convinced that not only productive work, not only a bright rest, but an active civil position is a duty of each of us.

Administration of “Viterra Group”  appreciates each employee contribution into business development and pays a great attention to the issues of arranging comfortable conditions for staff members.

Employees are guaranteed:

  • professional development;
  • decent wage and a real opportunity for high earnings when results are achieved;
  • formal employment;
  • social guarantees according to Labor Code of Ukraine;
  • working day from 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m;
  • provision of days-off in accordance with the legislatively established calendar;
  • providing a workplace with all necessary equipment;
  • paid communication services (mobile, Internet, etc.).

To create a favorable work feeling the following conditions are organized:

  • cozy modern office in the central part of the city;
  • comfy workplaces;
  • room for negotiations;
  • recreation area;
  • eating room.

“Viterra Group” employs specialists in:

  • sales;
  • finance, accounting and economics;
  • office administration;
  • logistics;
  • repairing and maintenance of vehicles;
  • shipping agents;
  • drivers;
  • maintenance of the office and production departments.

The company is constantly looking for employees to take vacant positions.

You don’t have any experience, do you? Not a problem! The main thing is a desire to learn and achieve results! We will teach you occupation’s peculiarities and will disclose all business’ secrets!

“Viterra Group”  takes into account not only the interests and needs of its employees, but also in overall society. Socially responsible business circles in terms of the company’s management can and even are obliged to provide care about their city, their country. There is no law in the world forcing any company to take care of urgent problems of their countrymen. It is a conscious and voluntary choice of each of us and we have made that decision. Who will do it if we don’t do this? Employers who are financially set change for the better, not only the lives of their peers, their families, but also they can help to disadvantaged children, support adult citizens in difficult times as well as take care of the environmental safety of the region. Some people can tell that corporate responsibility of business gives it the great amount of benefits. However, it is not the truth. The driving force of active social position has always been and will continue to be a long-term perspective for each employee and the company in overall, for every citizen and the country in general. But nevertheless one company or even all socially responsible enterprise of a country can’t assume all functions of a state but they may do whatever depends on them.

Social responsibility is not a burden or self-promotion for us. First of all, it is primarily a moral core that defines any decision, it is self-responsibility, it is an opportunity to look into the eyes of our children and realize that it is important for us as well as for our children to help others because in that case they will also continue the matter of our life. This is what gives hope for our bright future. So work in the company is not only professional self-improvement and development, but also the opportunity to join the noble cause of helping people. The work in many areas such as social security and assistance, health care, education, science, culture and art, environment and others shows the corporate responsibility of our company.

The social responsibility of companies “Viterra” is based on projects designed to help to:

  • Ukrainian army by the means of providing of its subsidiaries with necessary logistics, repair of military equipment, purchasing ammunition and drugs;
  • Internally displaced persons i.e. IDPs who have become to live on the territory of Mykolayiv region as a result of anti-terrorist operation that takes place in the east of Ukraine;
  • orphans and children who are undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in specialized institutions and orphanages;
  • disabled who are united in public organizations;
  • environmental conditions of Mykolaiv and Mykolaiv region.

In the process of segregation of the concept of social responsibility and philanthropy, the Company has launched a Ukrainian charity project “Wave of good.” The registration and implementation of charitable projects aimed primarily at social support of children and adults takes are working by the means of this online platform. To find more information, please, click the following link to the website

Apparently “Viterra Group” plays surprisingly an active role in conscious and conscientious work, interesting and exciting vacation, in the noble cause of charity and philanthropy. All it allows to move forward, develop and get stronger. And of course there comes a day when the achievements and efforts of each employee and the company do notice not only in the immediate environment, but also at the state level.

A high level of social responsibility of companies has repeatedly confirmed the title of “honest taxpayers”. Choosing the best business taxpayers in the national ranking takes into account such criteria as the amount of taxes paid, level of an average salary, timeliness of its payment, quantity of workplaces, the importance of the type of business activity for the region and the national economy. Conscientious taxpayers choose in trade, industry, transport and communications, medicine and others. So receiving this honorary title in the trade shows honesty and transparency in business and accounting, social responsibility, and encourages further achievements towards long-term development and prosperity. The leadership of company since its inception and now spends a fair and transparent business policy, electing its leading principles of openness, reliability and focus on partnership.

One more acknowledgement of high standards of business dealing is diploma “For conscientious attitude to constitutional duty” of Ukrainian financial newspaper “All about accounting”. The responsibility of conducting accounting and reporting is a fundamental rule and law for us.

Incredibly sharp and active modern life requires from each of us maintaining high standards, continuous progress, self-development and self-improvement. And all this is possible in a friendly and professional team which daily operatively solves pressing problems and boldly striding into the future – a bright and cloudless.

Ukraine is an agricultural country. Farmers’ Market is a stable present and perspective future of each of us. We build our own well-being, successfully developing its business and ensuring the prosperity of our Motherland!

Join a team of professionals and make the future that you can be proud of!


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