The Old Nikolayev


stariy_gorod_nikolaev_1Dear guests! Let us tell you in a few words about the town, which we have linked our destinies to. We build business in Nikolayev and develop along with it.

Nikolayev is located on a large peninsula. The town is surrounded by water from three sides. Here, the Southern Bug and Ingul rivers merge into Bug estuary and flow into the Black Sea.

The earliest archaeological findings, discovered on the territory occupied by the old Nikolayev, date back to V-IV century BC. The active colonization of these lands began in the end of XVIII century during the war with the Ottoman Empire, when Russia fought for access to the Black Sea.

To ensure the presence at the sea, the Russian Empire needed marine forces. The first document, which initiated the history of our town, was signed by Russian Prince Grigoriy Potemkin. In 1787 Potemkin ordered to lay a new shipyard at the mouth of the river Ingul. Construction work was carried out under the direct supervision of foreman Mikhail Faleyev.

In 1788, there appeared a settlement around the yard “Ust-Ingul” which was later “told to name the town Nikolayev”. The town got its name in honor of Saint Nicholas – the patron saint and protector of sailors and travelers. On the day of this saint the troops under the command of Alexander Suvorov took the Turkish fortress Ochakov. It was December 6, 1788. Our town bears the name of St. Nicholas for more than two hundred and a quarter years. Even under the Soviet rule and militant atheism the town was not renamed.

Economic, social and cultural life of Nikolayev is inseparably connected with shipbuilding. For many years our town was the main naval staff of the Black Sea Fleet, where the management of ships which took part in the Crimean War (1853 – 1856) was held. During the years there has been created a unique scientific and industrial basis, which provided military and industrial tasks of the big country. Old Nikolayev literally consisted of objects, the very existence of which constituted a state secret.

The first architectural plan was approved in the end of XVIII century. Beginning with its first decade, Nikolayev was actively built on. Unfortunately, few of the old buildings of Nikolayev have survived. But the extant structures are of considerable interest as the monuments of town planning art era.

At the end of the XIX century the commercial port was opened in Nikolayev, which allowed the foreign ships to put in. This favoured our town’s transformation into one of the main port towns of the empire. Nikolayev took the third place after St. Petersburg and Odessa in terms of export by sea, and by sending grain – the first place in pre-revolutionary Russia. At the same time, our town became a major industrial and commercial center in the south of the country.

The beginning of the twentieth century was marked by many events in Nikolayev. The activity of working people of Nikolayev led to the formation of the first cells of the Bolsheviks and the “sympathizers” to revolution thundered in St. Petersburg. These were mainly the numerous workers of factories and ports. Nikolayev was called “Red Ukrainian Petersburg” those days. Later, the town experienced the occupation of Austro-German troops and the army of the Entente, learned the power of atamans and White Guardists. Political confusion completed with the establishment of Soviet rule in 1920.

During the Great Patriotic War Nikolayev was occupied by the Nazi invaders for three and a half years. The Nazis planned to build here their own Black Sea Fleet. Due to the resistance of the citizens and members of an underground, no ship came off the stocks of our plants. Nikolayev was heroically liberated by the Soviet troops in March 1944. Liberating the town, the fighters of the amphibious assault led by Konstantin Olshanskiy performed a memorable feat. In the history of the war it was the only case when all the participants of the combat operations were awarded with the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. The soldiers, killed during the attack, and paratroopers, died of wounds, were buried in the central square of the city. In their memory, the grateful citizens of Nikolayev lit the eternal flame.

During the brief two-century history our town has changed from a shipyard to a large industrial, business and cultural center of Ukraine. More than two thousand ships and vessels of various purposes were built at our factories. These are whalers, trawlers, submarines, aircraft carriers, scientific and commercial vessels.

We love our town and confidently face the future with it. First of all, Nikolayev is the people who linked their destinies to it. We believe that it is here where the history of modern Ukraine and the history of trade and industry development traditions revival will take place. And we ourselves will become the active participants of these processes.

Welcome to our town!

The staff of group of companies “Viterra”.